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Hoya Imports from Overseas

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I remember to this day when successfully rooted my first Hoya cutting (hoya sp Flores Island). I got it from Poland and didn’t know if anything would come from it. I  also recall my first Hoya import.

Back in 2014, after seeing pictures of Hoya Pachycada I couldn’t avoid but search for it everywhere!

After realising I would not easily find in Europe, I turned to Asia. It was interesting approaching  a vendor and seeing that so many plants were available to choose from.  In the end I  chose to import  h. Pachycada Red Corona and  h. sp Estrella Waterfalls IML 1256.

I  was given the option of buying with certificate or without. Boxed or in a gusseted envelope. EMS or tracked regular mail.

Like all first timers, I didn’t know how long it would take for it to arrive–or if it would arrive at all! How pleasantly surprised  I was when I saw the strange brown envelope delivered 2 weeks later. It  had Thai writings all over it, making it look enigmatic and ancient.
Both cuttings travelled well, surviving the long journey to the UK. Importing from Thailand became a pattern, and I managed to increase my collection 10 fold using this method.