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Hoya Callistophilla sp Kalimantan, a jet-setter!

Hoyas can be categorised into many, many groups.
I have a personal category which I’ll term the Jet-setter’s club.

This group of hoyas travel really well between both Thailand and my doorstep as well as from my doorstep to my customers in the Americas and other far-flung corners of the Earth. There are many other hoyas in this group, to list a few: Macgillivrayi, Archboldiana, the Finlaysonii family (they’re ‘cousins’ of Callistophyla, so, of coarse), Carnosas, Pubicalyxes many others.

I’ve been selling hoyas for while now and Callistophyla is, no doubt, a great specimen to have around and to sell. My first cutting took two weeks to arrive from Thailand. I came in the same box as h. Glabra. Glabra lost all its leaves which had turned yellow; by contrast, Callistophyla was a sight to behold. It looked like it had been cut that morning! I was in owe. Some will probably argue that it’s unfair to compare the two plants but there you go. I happened to have both on the same order and this was the result. In fact, I’ve imported glabra 3 times now without success! But that’s a topic for another post.

Back to the praises of Callistophilla, it’s beeeeeautiful plant (it’s name, unsurprisingly, means most beautiful leaves). It’s easy to get it to root –and to look after– It grows quickly enough when given a warm corner and good lighting; It blooms quickly too… Now, can you ask any more of such a plant???
This girl goes far!

4 thoughts on “Hoya Callistophilla sp Kalimantan, a jet-setter!

  1. Hello. We want to buy plants from you. How long will the delivery be?How much is the price? Is it slices or with roots?🌿💕

    1. Hello, You can have them with roots(might take longer) or without. PLease contact us on

  2. Hi Hoyahub. Have been reading your posts on your experiences with grow and caring for hoyas. Most interesting articles. i have to say.

    One question, are you associated with the ebay site, a store also called hoyahub? I came across your site as I was trying to find information on Hoya Flavida, a gorgeous hoya, from the scant information available on the internet.

    Where are you located? If you are in England, are you a friend of
    John, at Hoyahub on ebay? I would like to purchase the Hoya Flavida, what are shipping costs, chances of survival sending to prairies of Canada? Thanks.

    1. Hi JoAnne, we’re the same as the eBay shop. Please send email to sales@hoyahubnet for more info

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