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Simple and effective method to remove mealy bugs from hoyas

If you’ve been growing Hoyas for at least a year, chances are you’ve come across mealy bugs in your plants by now.
Their white wooly colonies at the base of the leaves are easy to spot and recognize. However, they’re not so easy to get to for the removal of the parasites.

I’ve tried a few methods and made at least one grave mistake along the way till I settled on my current approach.

It’s actually very simple!
So, without further waffling, here’s how to deal with the buggers:

You’ll need:
A spray bottle which also have the “stream” feature;
WATER(tap water is fine)!

How to apply:
1. Fill the bottle with water, preferably tepid, as cold water can shock the plants.

2. Turn the nozzle into “Stream” mode and you’re ready.

3. Point the gun at the bugs, 5 to 10cm away, and blast them! That’s all.
Keep pulling the trigger till the insects are completely soaked and dislodged from their grooves, remembering to check the underside of the leaves. In most cases, spraying once will be enough but be prepared to repeat the process after couple of days if you still see survivors.

Now, if you’ve allowed your plant to become completely infested with bugs, it will be better to take the whole plant into a bathroom, run the shower( adjust the temperature of the water till it feels tepid) and shower the plant, washing off the mealies.

I’ve employed both methods with 100% success. How great it is to have my plants looking great, healthy and pest free!

Note: Some colectors recommend the addition of a spoon of washing up liquid and cooking oil to the spray mix. NO NEED FOR THAT. That’s actually dangerous and it’s how I killed my young Hoya Inflata(of all hoyas) by getting the soap ratio wrong. So be warned :-), use soap and your plant leaves might drop off or end up looking sick.