Hoya anulata unrooted cutting


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Please note the delivery waiting time for this plant. It will be first imported(unrooted) from one or more of the Thailand nurseries into the UK(as part of our monthly import before being forwarded to you), so it could take 30 or more days before you receive your order. See our other category ‘UK stock’ if you’d like a same day/next day despatch service.

If things go wrong:
While most hoyas travel well and perk up after planting, sometimes certain ones do die if in transit for too long. As a principle, is not right to keep funds from a failed transaction. Replacements are possible when a consecutive order is placed –lost items from the previous order are sent along side the latest one. However, rare varieties are more difficult to replace and the only option in such cases is to have more common varieties sent instead up to the value initially spent. Now, tell me, isn’t that a good offer?

Basic Growing Guidelines:
Ideal Temperature: 22C(72F) to 25C(77F). If left in temperatures below 20C(68F) for prolonged periods, hoyas will NOT thrive, more likely they will die if the species is very cold intolerant.

Airy soil: Good drainage is another very important factor when keeping hoyas happy. The most common way to produce such soil mix is to mix compost with either perlite or other media that will help the soil not to become compact and pasty as it gets watered. Hoyas pots are best NOT kept in a saucer full of water for prolonged periods.

High Humidity: Using a transparent plastic bottle –cut in half and without its cap– can help maintain a humid environment for cuttings. Perforated plastic bags or placing the plant in a propagator/grow tent will also help. Please mist the leaves of new cuttings twice a day with tepid water to help the leaves to rehydrate after being in transit.

Boosting Growth:
In the Autumn and Winter daylight and temperatures decrease; plants will stop growing. It does not have to be so…Using artificial lights(even cheap fluorescent ones) and other sources of warmth, can boost rooting and growth. So, depending where you are, you might consider circumventing winter and grow hoyas all the year around just like places ‘without winter’ like Thailand. Lights can be kept on 18 hours a day 24/7 to ensure fast growth.