Hoya kalimantan cutting


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Unless otherwise specified, cuttings will have at least 2 leaves for average leaf types, not always well rooted. Please contact us if you want to be sure the cuttings have roots.

Please follow our guide on how to root cuttings: https://hoyahub.net/2019/07/25/rooting-hoyas-in-perlite/


Orders of 10 or more cuttings will be shipped with UPS, arriving in less than 24 hours to all EU countries with the exception of a few remote areas where 2 days are needed for delivery. The shipping cost is the same no matter how many cuttings are purchased


While most hoyas travel well and perk up after planting, sometimes certain ones do die in transit. Replacements are possible when a consecutive order is placed –lost items from the previous order are sent along side the latest one. However, some rare varieties are more difficult to replace and the only option in such cases is to have more common varieties sent instead up to the value initially spent.

Contact: sales@hoyahub.net